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Types of Ballistic Tests. Ballistic testing can vary dramatically from one test to the next, depending on the needs of the individual contract. The best option is to find a ballistics testing facility that can offer a variety of different tests for body armor certification on demand, including: Threat tests for spheres, cubes, RCCs, FSPs, etc.

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Ballistic Resistance Test NIJ-STD-0101.06 Level IIIA Performed July, 22nd 2013. Independent Lab Test performed by H.P. White - Click link to view documentation. Test Specifications: 6 rounds total, 3 rounds of .44 Magnum, 3 rounds of .357 SIG at 17.3 feet from muzzle. AR500 Armor 10" x 12" Curved Level IIIA Body Armor with Base Coat

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Test balisticke vesty STRATOS07 - VB04

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Body Armor, Armor Plates, Combat Helmets and Vehicle Armor:NTS has the capability to test all protective equipment and provide extensive feedback on their results. The developers and manufacturers of these materials rely on the ballistic-testing facilities to produce to best products in the defense market. NTS Ballistic Testing & Evaluation


The ballistic test procedure described in this standard determines the V50 ballistic limit of armor. This test method standard is intended for use in ballistic acceptance testing of armor and for the research and development of new armor materials. This ballistic test method is applicable to the following types of armor: a. Body armor. b.

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Each body armor manufacturer with a model that meets the standard is subject to six follow-up inspections and testing over a five-year period, consisting of: Inspections of recently manufactured vests to determine whether they are constructed in the same way as the original samples. Follow-up ballistic testing.

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2.1 Equipment and Test Protocols Typical ballistic test instrumentation is depicted in Fig. 1. The gun system employs a Mann barrel, available in a range of calibers1 (e.g., .22 cal to 20 mm). A Mann barrel (the name refers to F.W. Mann, a medical obstetrician who pioneered the science of ballistics [4]) is a heavy-walled test barrel designed for

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Shooting a level 3A ballistic vest with 55gr .556 ammo

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Testing a new Level 3A bullet resistant vest.

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LA Police Gear Level IV ballistic plate is tested against 5 different calibers! Did it survive all 5 shots?★★★Find the LA Police Gear Level IV Plate Here★★★ ...

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This video shows an informal test of a bullet resistant vest made by ArmorSh...

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against gunfire, with the exception of police body armor and ballistic helmets, which are the topic of individual NIJ performance standards [1,2]1. Many different types of armor are now available that range in ballistic resistance from those designed to protect against small-caliber handguns to those designed to protect against high-powered rifles.

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Armor (IBA) contracts awarded to Point Blank Body Armor, Inc. (Point Blank) for Outer Tactical Vests (OTVs) and components. Specifically, we determined whether the ballistic test results for first article tests (FATs) and lot acceptance tests (LATs) met the contract requirements. Further, we determined whether quality assurance personnel

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The test standard is called NIJ Standard-0101.06 - Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor. I will summarize what the test consists of, and how it is a great measurement of the effectiveness of bulletproof vests.

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Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor . NIJ . Standard–0101.06 . Supersedes: NIJ 2005 Interim Requirements, Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor (August 2005) Also supersedes: NIJ . Standard–0101.04. Rev. A, Ballistic Resistance of Personal Body Armor (June 2001) Coordination by: Office of Law Enforcement Standards